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"You be the Judge..."


The Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., was founded in March 1987. Recognizing the need for an alternative to commercial medical malpractice protection, Richard L. Weil, President, a prominent malpractice attorney since 1979 and a partner in the Law firm of Guste, Barnett & Shushan, and Stan Wright, CFP, Vice President, a certified financial planner, specializing in insurance management since 1972, joined together their two areas of expertise.

This combination of legal defense and professional financial administration and management services has proven an innovative and profitable approach for providing the optimum self-insuring program for many physicians throughout the state.

One of the only organized programs for self-insureds in the state of Louisiana, the Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., has met with tremendous acceptance and growth. The biggest proponents of the Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., are those physicians who have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars with a self-controlled alternative to exorbitant insurance premiums.

The Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., has set its sights on continuous growth by restoring professional liability protection to its original purpose of serving and protecting the physician.