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"You be the Judge..."


Medical Malpractice Protection Plan TM
the self insuring program, gives you:

  • Substantial premium savings
  • Full legal defense of all claims...on your terms
  • Participation fee guaranteed for ten years...fully tax deductible
  • Guaranteed renewability...you cannot be cancelled
  • Total control over claim management...without consideration of attorney's fees or threat of increased premiums
  • No need to purchase a tail...all claims defended to their conclusion no matter when they arose

Professional Liability Insurance Companies give you:

  • High Cost...Non-refundable premiums
  • Legal defense on their terms...you have limited control over the course of your case
  • Future premiums..subject to open-ended increases
  • Non-renewable policies...you can be canceled at any time
  • Little control over claim management...frequently making the decision to settle based on cost of litigation and potential losses to the company
  • Claims Made policies...subject you to future tail premiums