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"You be the Judge..."


Physicians today must decide how to provide themselves with affordable professional liability coverage. Since professional liability protection is a requirement for the physician to practice medicine at established hospitals, the importance of this protection goes without question. Physicians seeking coverage with commercial insurance carriers must live with the fear of cancellation, heavy increases of non-refundable premiums, high deductibles, little control over legal defense and insurance companies' profit and loss considerations in determining whether or not to settle.

The Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., strongly believes physicians should self insure because:

  • All claims receive full legal defense on the terms of the physician.
  • All claims are defended to their conclusion, no matter when they arose.
  • The costs are substantially lowered.
  • The fully tax deductible participation fee is guaranteed for ten years.
  • No need to purchase a tail...all claims defended to their conclusion no matter when they arose

Through self insuring, the Medical Malpractice Protection Plan, Inc., deflates professional liability insurance to its correct function as a necessary but controllable risk management device.